FTLife Olympic Broadcast Sponsorship X LEAP Campaign

More than just a brand sponsorship, but embody the spirit of the games with the Hong Kong people.

FTLife became one of the broadcasting sponsors for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The agency's task was to find a way to promote the brand's efforts towards the Olympic games. While finding new ways to promote games and show support to the athletes, we looked for inspiration and have found that the Hong Kong people embodied the Olympic spirit values. It is almost embedded in their DNA to go higher, stronger and faster to be to the best.

Our opportunity was to create a runway in Admiralty MTR, one of the busiest interchanges in Hong Kong. It's a common sight to see commuters dashing across the station to catch the other train at any time of the day. The thrill and adrenaline of running across the station platform have become an integral part of many Hong Kong resident's morning commutes.

We laid running tracks on the floor and created an experience for the commuters to feel part of a race. This execution aims to bring little joy to one's day.

We have also branded the track to carry the message of the ongoing FTLife LEAP program and encouraging the Hong Kong people to take the leap and go beyond in their own lives.

Everything in life is a race. A race to the top, a race that never stops. Choose Your Runway.